Great Guns’ Calum Macdiarmid directs Jessica Alba in the latest Braun Silk Epil campaign.

Mar 30 2016

The latest Braun Silk Epil film is directed by Calum Macdiarmid and features Jessica Alba in an effortless study of form.

The spot combines dynamic compositions, geometric precision and creates a powerful and visceral sense of exquisitely smooth skin. Jessica Alba is presented in elegant perfection performing seamless yoga moves while the sound design cuts to the core of our senses.

BRAUN - SILK EPIL 9 ALBA DC 24.02.16 V2.00_00_41_15.Still007

Calum says: “Flying to LA to shoot Jessica Alba by a sunny pool in the Hollywood hills was like winning the lottery. This was a particularly exciting project to work on. Creatives Nathalie Turton and Lorelai Mathias were keen to make something with a strong abstract artistic aesthetic, which is everything I love in film. Of course working with Jessica Alba was a big bonus too. We bonded over the universal subject of parenthood as I had just become a father whilst she is a mother to two beautiful girls. Another aspect of the project that was particularly exciting was getting to work with the Macdiarmid clan. One of my brothers did the music the other did the sound design. The audio was pivotal in creating the sense of power and avant-garde attitude. The route we took was quite challenging I was both amazed and relieved when everyone signed it off.”


Calum is represented worldwide by Great Guns.

For more information on Calum please contact: Attilio Gianfrancesco | Elise Jeanrenaud |

Credits: Agency: AMV BBDO Art Director - Nathalie Turton Copywriter - Lorelai Mathias Account Director - Dario Verrini Account Manager - Nikki Peddie Agency producer - David Riley Production Company: Great Guns Director - Calum Macdiarmid Producer - Kate Phillips DoP - Riego Van Wersch Editor - James Demetriou sound - Dougal Macdiarmid at Wave music - Fionn Macdiarmid Post production - Cherry Cherry

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