Stories in 6

Jun 15 2018

Great Guns’ Jonty Toosey, FCB Inferno’s Becky McOwen-Banks and Ramzi Moutran, say six seconds will stick at their Cannes Lions 2018 film workshop


London, 11th June 2018 –  According to data-analysts, in just two-years, 77% of advertisers will produce six-second ads. This has left many wondering how to use this super-short format effectively to create content that people will take notice of. For Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018, Great Guns director Jonty Toosey will reveal how to grasp the six-second format by the horns in specialist film craft workshop, ‘Stories in 6’.

Participants of the workshop will be given the opportunity to create their own six-second masterpieces. Jonty will be assisted by FCB Inferno’s Creative Director Becky McOwen-Banks and Do Epic Sh*t’s Founder and Creative, Ramzi Moutran. Using props and themes, participants will be challenged to write, storyboard, direct (and star in!) their own personal film that masters this format. In the workshop, Jonty will be uncovering the six film themes, the six basic human emotions, the six deadly sins, and the six basic plots.

Jonty is a master at manufacturing reality in advertising and was a speaker on the subject at last year’s Cannes Lions. Specialising in capturing staged moments that appear convincingly spontaneous, his talent has won him coveted industry awards across the globe, including two Cannes Lions. This year, he will be spilling his expertise on what he believes will be ‘the feature length film of the future’.

The workshop which will run twice during the festival, will take place on Wednesday 20th June at 15:00pm and Thursday 21st June at 11:00pm in the Palais des Festivals.

You can get a sneak preview of how Jonty, Becky, and Ramzi will be helping people become content creators of the future here:

Jonty Flyer 2[1]

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