Olivier Staub directs Lila Kalis for Renault Twingo

Dec 19 2016

The concept of these spots were conceived from the amazing videos of Lila Kalis (https://www.facebook.com/lilakalis/ ). Lila is a 5-year-old young Californian girl who sparked phenomena with her incredible driving skills!

Olivier says: “We reached out to them and they were very happy to get involved. We built a Mini Electrical Twingo which Lila could drive. Her father Josh did all the race car technical "pimping" so that Lila could do all of her amazing trick.

Everything you see is real, no faking; she is really that amazing. For the music I had my friends at Apollo compose a great track; my brief was a hybrid between "Plastic Bertrand" and "The Sex Pistols".

The rest is on the screen and there for you to enjoy.”

There are three different versions of the spot you can view here


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