Save the Children new campaign directed by Josh Trigg

Sep 02 2016

The new campaign out of independent agency Don’t Panic is directed by Great Guns’ Josh Trigg.

Today marks the launch of the new digital campaign of Save the Children, created by Don’t Panic and directed by Great GunsJosh Trigg.

The new campaign is in line with save the Children core vision: “Our Vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation”.

A child's future starts with their very first day of school.

Wherever they are closer to our homes or in a different continent, children are brimming with potential on that first day.

School is important for children, that's why education is a core part of what Save the Children does: helping children who are missing out on school – because of war, conflict or disease - to get an education and help children fulfill their potential.

Save the Children also gives children medicine, food and water, they stand up for their rights, protect from harm and help the families of children in the poorest parts of the world to earn a living.

This is what is behind this project: the future of children starts with their first day at school. With this in mind, Save the Children invites people to share photos of their child’s first day back at school launching the hashtag #classof16 on their digital platforms.

You can watch the campaign here.

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