The Boys "Trailer" Dan Trachtenberg
Nike Football "Ousadia Alegria" Norton
Family Action "Family Monsters " Duncan Christie
Nike "Vogue" DZ
Biting Elbows "Control" Ilya Naishuller
7 Days "Future Vision" Peter Dietrich
The Weeknd "False Alarm" Ilya Naishuller
Monzo "Storm In A Teacup" Calum Macdiarmid
Breast Cancer Now "2050" Duncan Christie
BT Mobile "First Steps" Olly Blackburn
Warframe "Shrines" Dan Trachtenberg
Panasonic "Brand Film" Roar Uthaug
Pampers "Pooface" Olly Blackburn
Rising "Love has no labels" David Nutter
Baku "Expo 2025" Frankie Caradonna
R3 feat. Malul "German Schlong" Tal Zagreba
Playstation "My Shoes" Ciaran Foy "Spring campaign" Guy Aslan
Hardcore Henry "Trailer" Ilya Naishuller
Colmar Anvil "Forged By The Wind" Frankie Caradonna
KY Intense "Orchestra" Calum Macdiarmid
Battersea Dogs Home "Who Needs Who" Frankie Caradonna
L’Oreal "Jam" Pierluca De Carlo
Black Mirror "Playtest Featurette" Dan Trachtenberg
IAMS "Good For Life"
Samsung "Live 360" Ciaran Foy
Leningrad "Elon Musk clip" Ilya Naishuller
Legal Eyes "Legalise" Tal Zagreba
SKII "Ching Lan" Duncan Christie
SKII "Si Young" Duncan Christie
Tiger Beer "Kallang Wave" Omar Hilal
Air Canada "Business for you" Olivier Staub
Metro "Morning Tremens" Peter Harton
Weight "Short Film" Chris Neal
Aleve "Old Car" Giovanni Messner
Dove "Nutri Duo | Mini Doc" Sam Faulkner
FITVO "Life Sucks" Cassandra Brooksbank
Juvederm "Global" Giovanni Messner
Mcdonalds "Ella" Duncan Christie
Tochka "The wrong bank" Ilya Naishuller
SAMSUNG "Do What You Can’t" Tal Zagreba
Ford "Knocking 30" Cassandra Brooksbank
James Blunt "Cold Trailer" Calum Macdiarmid
Conflict Free "insist on the truth" Grant De Sousa
pitera icons "POWER OF PITERA | Artist Series"
SK-II Pitera Icons "Pat Pat Dance "
Xbox "Game Pass" Dan Trachtenberg
MTC "Homecoming" Grant De Sousa
Today You, tomorrow me "Short Film" Chris Neal
Fellow "Ode" Cassandra Brooksbank
Felleskjopet "A Dog’s Life" Roar Uthaug